User generated content moderation

Real-time monitoring of user generated content for fraud or policy violations

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Moderating user generated content is a pain

Social platforms are a goldmine of valuable data, but face the challenge of moderating vast amounts of user-generated content. Among the most disruptive are spam and self-promotional posts. These types of content not only degrade the user experience but can also harm the platform's credibility and user engagement.


Using OmniAI for realtime content moderation

In this example we'll go through setting up OmniAI to detect and flag spam and self-promotional content on social platforms.
  • Identify potential spam and self-promotion in posts and comments.
  • Flag content in a structured format within the Omni warehouse for further review or action by moderators.
  • Provide real-time analysis for instant content moderation or retrospective checks on historical data.

    Define your schema

    A schema is set up to categorize characteristics of spam and self-promotional content. This schema allows for flexible application - it can be used to analyze existing datasets or to evaluate content in real-time as it is posted.
    2 description: "User sentiment on the call"
    3 type: "ENUM"
    4 options:
    5 - "POSITIVE"
    6 - "NEGATIVE"
    7 - "NEUTRAL"
    10 description: "Categorize user feedback"
    11 type: "ENUM"
    12 options:
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    Transform your data

    Applying the schema, OmniAI processes the data, identifying and flagging content that meets the criteria of spam or self-promotion. This processing can be done on demand for real-time moderation or on existing datasets for a comprehensive audit.


    Maintain high-quality user interactions

    With the flagged content, moderators can easily review and take necessary actions, ensuring a clean and authentic user experience. The insights gained from this process can help in fine-tuning moderation policies and understanding user behavior patterns. The real-time capability also means that platforms can maintain high content standards continuously, adapting quickly to emerging spam trends.

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    Content moderation

    Real-time monitoring of user generated content for fraud or policy violations.

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