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Manual oversight limits call center compliance and performance

Call centers are pivotal in maintaining customer relations and ensuring compliance in many industries. However, monitoring and analyzing every call for key compliance and performance metrics is a challenging task. Without automated tools, important aspects like mandatory disclosures, follow-up actions, and competitor mentions can be overlooked, affecting both compliance and customer satisfaction.


Turning transcripts into structured data

With OmniAI, transform unstructured call recording into structured, actionable insights. Connect your data source, define key metrics like complaints and sentiment, and let OmniAI handle the heavy lifting of data processing.

  • Analyzes a large volume of calls for specific compliance and customer engagement metrics.
  • Identifies key call components: mandatory disclosure, follow-up calls, competitor mentions, and call sentiment.
  • Stores and organizes data in the Omni warehouse.
  • Facilitates detailed analytics to track performance and compliance over time.

Define your schema

In this schema, we identify critical components of call center interactions and categorize them for easy analysis.
2 description: "Whether a mandatory disclosure was read during the call"
3 type: "Boolean"
6 description: "Was a follow-up call booked"
7 type: "Boolean"
10 description: "Overall sentiment of the call"
11 type: "String"
12 options:
15 - "NEUTRAL"
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Transform your data

Now, OmniAI has created a new table merging the original call data with the extracted elements. Users can directly query this table using SQL or integrate it into various BI tools for in-depth analysis.For instance, if a call includes a mandatory disclosure, OmniAI marks it as TRUE in the DISCLOSURE_READ field, providing easy tracking of compliance status.


Structured call data boosts operational efficiency

With the qualitative data now structured, users can easily query and gain insights that were previously hidden in raw call records. Analysis of trends, such as the frequency of competitor mentions or the rate of follow-up call bookings, becomes straightforward.

This approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides vital compliance and customer satisfaction insights, driving better decision-making and customer relationship management in call centers.

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