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Transform your data into accurate, tabular insights

OmniAI makes it easy to transform and enhance unstructured data across your warehouse. Unlock more value from your data across millions of rows.

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Enhance datasets in a more
intuitive and interactive way

See how OmniAI helps different industries.

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Call center compliance

Parse millions of call records to detect and flag non-compliant communication.
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Sensitive data redaction

Automatically redact sensitive information, ensuring privacy and regulatory adherence.
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Content moderation

Real-time monitoring of user generated content for fraud or policy violations.

Built for data engineers

Connect to a data source, define a schema, and transform your data within the warehouse or using the Omni API.

Define your schema

Define typesafe data schemas to run against your unstructured data. Use pre-built transformers or define your own.
2 description: "User sentiment on the call"
3 type: "ENUM"
4 options:
10 description: "Categorize user feedback"
11 type: "ENUM"
12 options:
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Transform your data

Connect to a data source and apply a schema. OmniAI keeps your data in sync as new fields and rows are added.
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Privacy you can trust

Private cloud

Our private cloud option allows you to maintain complete control over your data and infrastructure, ensuring the highest level of privacy and security.

OmniAI cloud

Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of cloud-based hosting while we handle the intricate details, ensuring your data remains protected in a secure environment.

Custom SSO

Tailor our security and operations overview to your unique needs, providing a personalized approach to safeguarding your sensitive information.

Audit logs

With detailed audit logs, you can track every action and access to your data, maintaining transparency and accountability to meet privacy and compliance requirements.

SOC 2 Type II

OmniAI is undergoing a SOC 2 Type II certification. Information on controls and procedures can be found in our trust center.

Role-based acess control

Implement role-based access control to define and manage user permissions effectively. This approach ensures that only authorized personnel have access to specific data sets.

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