Identifying duplicate products

Detect and merge duplicate product listings to maintain a clean, user-friendly shopping experience

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Tackling Product Duplication in E-Commerce

E-commerce platforms often struggle with duplicate product listings, leading to customer confusion and inventory issues. These duplicates can occur accidentally or due to malicious activity. Identifying and managing these effectively is crucial for a clean, efficient product database.


Identifying duplicates with OmniAI

OmniAI offers a solution to identify and manage product duplicates in e-commerce databases. It uses AI to analyze product data, suggesting optimal categorization and flagging duplicates. The tool can be integrated in real-time through the Omni API, enabling on-the-fly duplicate checking.

    Define your schema

    The schema designed for this use case focuses on product titles, descriptions, and structured data like price and SKU to detect similarities and categorize products accurately.
    2 description: "SKU of the closest matching product."
    3 type: "String"
    4 reference: "products.sku"
    7 description: "A score from 0 to 1 indicating how similar two products are."
    8 type: "Float"
    11 description: "Suggested category for the product based on analysis."
    12 type: "String"
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    Transform your data

    OmniAI processes product listings, comparing data points to identify duplicates. It calculates similarity scores and suggests the best-fit category for each product.


    Streamlined Product Catalogs

    Using OmniAI, e-commerce platforms can quickly spot and handle duplicate listings, keeping their product database clean and easy to navigate. The tool helps in pinpointing both unintentional and fraudulent duplicates. Real-time API capabilities allow for immediate duplicate detection and resolution, maintaining a streamlined product database and improving user experience. This results in more accurate inventory management, better customer trust, and enhanced operational efficiency.

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