Earnings call analysis

Analyze earnings call transcripts to extract insights and sentiments

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The real data isn't in the 10k

Earnings calls are a goldmine of information for investors and analysts, offering insights into a company's performance, future outlook, and management's perspective. However, these calls are typically long, dense, and unstructured, making it difficult to efficiently extract and analyze key information that isn't already available in structured financial reports.


Let OmniAI listen to earnings calls for you

Let OmniAI uncover nuanced information and trends that go beyond traditional sentiment analysis. This deeper analysis provides a clearer understanding of a company's strategic direction, market perceptions, and potential future performance indicators.

    Define your schema

    OmniAI uses an advanced schema that targets specific aspects of earnings calls. This schema is designed to identify and categorize information that is typically not found in structured formats, offering a more comprehensive view of each call.
    2 description: "Level of confidence expressed by company management."
    3 options:
    6 - "UNCERTAIN"
    7 type: "String"
    10 description: "References to innovation, research, and development initiatives."
    11 type: "Boolean"
    14 description: "Indications of changing market sentiment or trends mentioned in the call."
    15 type: "Boolean"
    18 description: "Discussion about the company's position relative to competitors."
    19 type: "Boolean"
    22 description: "Mention of potential risks and challenges faced by the company."
    23 type: "StringArray"
    26 description: "Insights into the company's long-term strategic plans and initiatives."
    27 type: "String"
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    Transform your data

    Utilizing this schema, OmniAI transforms the earnings call transcripts into a structured dataset. This process involves identifying and categorizing complex concepts like management's confidence level, innovation initiatives, and market sentiment shifts.


    Going beyond numbers

    The structured data produced by OmniAI allows investors to go beyond conventional financial metrics. Uncover patterns in management's confidence, strategic focus areas, and emerging market trends. Additionally, the tool's ability to flag potential risks and competitive dynamics offers a more nuanced understanding of a company's outlook. These insights provide investors and analysts with a comprehensive view of a company's health and future prospects, enabling more informed investment decisions.

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