Understanding how users interact with ai assistants

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Is your AI assistant helping or hurting

In the era of AI-driven communication, businesses increasingly rely on AI assistants for customer interaction. However, understanding the effectiveness of these interactions and user engagement with chatbots is a complex task. Parsing through millions of chat messages to extract meaningful insights about user experience and response quality is essential yet challenging.


OmniAI for chat analysis

OmniAI offers a powerful solution to dissect and analyze chat interactions between users and AI chatbots. By processing large volumes of chat data, OmniAI provides deep insights into user engagement and chatbot effectiveness. This analysis helps in optimizing chatbot responses and enhancing overall user experience.

    Define your schema

    The key to effective chat analysis lies in a well-defined schema that categorizes crucial aspects of chat interactions. This schema will be tailored to identify specific metrics such as user sentiment, question types, bot response accuracy, and engagement levels.
    2 description: "General sentiment expressed by the user in the chat."
    3 options:
    4 - "POSITIVE"
    5 - "NEGATIVE"
    6 - "NEUTRAL"
    7 type: "String"
    10 description: "Type of question asked by the user."
    11 options:
    12 - "PRODUCT_QUERY"
    15 - "FEEDBACK"
    16 type: "String"
    19 description: "User's level of engagement with the chatbot."
    20 options:
    21 - "HIGH"
    22 - "MEDIUM"
    23 - "LOW"
    24 type: "String"
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    Transform your data

    With the schema in place, OmniAI processes the chat data, transforming unstructured conversations into structured insights. This transformation allows for a granular analysis of how users are interacting with the chatbot, the nature of their inquiries, and the effectiveness of chatbot responses.


    Quantitive data on user engagement

    Leveraging OmniAI we can gain critical insights into user behavior and their AI's performance. These insights can drive improvements in feature development and understanding where a model may need improvement.Businesses can also identify common user concerns or confusion points, enabling proactive adjustments to the AI’s knowledge base and interaction style. Ultimately, this leads to a more refined user experience and a more intelligent, responsive assistant.


    See how OmniAI helps different use cases in .

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    Call center compliance

    Parse millions of call records to detect and flag non-compliant communication.
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    Sensitive data redaction

    Automatically redact sensitive information, ensuring privacy and regulatory adherence.
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    Content moderation

    Real-time monitoring of user generated content for fraud or policy violations.

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